Monday, October 15, 2012

The Age in Which We Live

E and I went camping with some friends from church a few weeks ago, and while there I was reminded of the bit done by comedian Louis CK; his thesis was "everything is amazing, and nobody is happy." I think it's incredible that our lives are so great that we don't have to worry about getting enough food; in fact, our lives are so amazingly good we have to worry about having too much food! In fact, our lives are so good we have to be intentional about making them harder and less pleasurable by eating healthier and exercising. I hate exercising, but I need to do it in order to stay healthy because I live in a society where I sit in front of a computer all day and can eat as much food as I want. I have to do something I hate because my life has too much awesome in it. That's incredible!

Speaking of food, how incredible is it that we can have any meal that we could ever desire at our fingertips. Feel like Chinese food? Sushi and Japanese cuisine? Italian? Thai? Mediterranean? Easy. A hundred or two hundred years ago, these cuisines would exist for us only as rumors!  Now, there are a billion recipes online for us to make it ourselves, and, thanks to the miracles of modern travel and a shrinking world, we could go around the corner and have it prepared for us by someone from that culture if we are feeling kind of lazy (or exhausted from an 8 hour workday of typing emails and dialing phone numbers).

Everything's amazing! Amazing! So, I'm going to go home and be happy tonight.

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