Friday, September 3, 2010

End of Summer Hiatus

I've noticed I tend not to write a whole lot during the summer time, so with school starting I guess it's time I started posting again.

Summer recap: came back to Redding for a week and bought a ring; went up to Seattle for a week and gave away that ring to a lovely Miss Elizabeth; came back to Redding for a week and prepared for Elizabeth coming down; Elizabeth came down for a week; went to Germany for my buddy Jared's wedding for two weeks and had the opportunity to hang out with Julian and Amy in Mannheim (Little Istanbul) as well; flew straight into Seattle for a week; came back to Redding and waited anxiously to hear back about several jobs in Seattle for 3 weeks; heard nothing good so went back up to Seattle for a week; while in Seattle heard about a job in LA and started having discussions about that; came back to Redding for a week and got my stuff together to move to Seattle; moved up to Seattle in a house with 3 other guys in Ballard; been here for a week.

Actually, I see now why I haven't posted a whole lot over the summer. That was exhausting just thinking about all that.