Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bifrost Arts

People used to buy cd's. I used to buy cd's when I was in college. Every other week when I got paid, I'd go and buy a cd or two. I'd spend the the next two weeks reading music magazines and researching which cd I was going to buy next payday. I consumed a lot of music and was always trying to stay just ahead of the masses.

Then I graduated. And got a real job. And became a real adult. Staying ahead of curve just stopped being important. I still consume music, but it's more about working my backwards than it is about moving forward. So, I haven't kept abreast with a lot of the new music, but some friends got me an iTunes gift card for Christmas (thanks, Sprouls!); it was fun to look around again for some new music. I ended up getting an album from an organization, Bifrost Arts.

I came across them because I was looking for music from David Bazan and saw that he performed on this album. And it was a great concept: musicians who, for the most part, achieved success in the secular realm performing hymns. Seeing Damien Jurado performing on the album was icing on the cake. I'm not trying to review it. I'll just say I like it, but what I find interesting is what Bifrost Arts are about. Here's a video to give you an insight.

I've got a few more things I'd like to write about, but, for right now, check out the video and tell me your thoughts.

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